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Terres Valdèze - Our Heritage

Over the past few years we have been joining forces to create the winery which is known as "TERRES VALDEZE" today.

Ancestral know-how

Our vines are grown in the heart of the Luberon Regional Nature Park by 350 cooperative wine growers.  All the growers respect Terres Valdèze's demanding specifications which guarantee the quality of our wines.
We have been pooling our know-how and resources over the years to bring you wines which are as authentic and generous as this unique terroir.

300,000 hectolitres storage capacity
Vendanges dans les vignes du Luberon

Terres Valdèze is equipped with a state-of-the-art production facility to ensure that the richness of our terroir is expressed to the full in our wines, remaining faithful to our tradition.
Located in the centre of the village of La Tour d'Aigues, Terres Valdèze is today a beacon of Rhône Valley winemaking.

A 12,000 m² production site
350 wine growers
Les vignes du LuberonLes terres du Luberon

Key dates

For over 5,000 years, generations of growers have been cultivating vines in the Luberon region. Remains found in the Aigues Valley show that there was important wine growing activity in the area in Roman times. This know-how has been preserved and build up over the centuries...

The La-Tour-d'Aigues wine growers set up the village's first cooperative winery.
A cooperative winery was opened in the nearby village of La-Motte-d'Aigues.
The Aigues Valley vineyard area grew in size. A second winery was opened in La-Tour-d'Aigues.
The Luberon AOC was created.
UNESCO classified the Luberon Regional Nature Park a "World Biosphere Reserve".
After a period of increasing collaboration, the two La-Tour-d'Aigues cooperatives finally merged: Valdèze was born, taking its name from the Valley of the River Eze, which runs through the village.
Valdèze obtained its first ISO 9001 quality certification.
Valdèze obtained Agri-Confiance © certification.
Valdèze and the La-Motte-Aigues winery merged.
A new self-contained biological treatment plant was constructed.
The merged cooperative adopted the "Terre Valdèze" identity, uniting 350 wine growers. Each year it invests in the very latest equipment.
Logo Terres Valdèze
Feroce Luberon

The rhinoceros symbol

The biggest producer of Luberon appellation wines, Terres Valdèze has adopted a new communication concept which includes a contemporary design that reflects the identity of the wines and features a rhinoceros.  Through the image of this iconic animal, which inhabited the Luberon 30 million years ago, the wine growers wish to convey strength, wisdom and courage.