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Terres Valdèze

Cave Luberon

Wine from the Luberon region

Heirs to a long tradition of wine growing and winemaking in South Luberon...

... we have inherited an exceptional Natural Heritage which we are committed to sharing, preserving and passing on. Our passion for this land shows in the quality and diversity of our wines. This heritage is yours to discover.


Vins de Pays

Explore the region's wealth of grape varieties through our fresh and fruity wines.


Luberon AOPs (PDOs)

Generous, elegant wines which take you on a journey to the heart of our terroir.

Pop Rosé

Sparkling Wines

Refreshing sparklers for parties and aperitif drinking, available in white, rosé and a non-alcoholic version.

Wine from the Luberon region

The Terres Valdèze wine growers are committed to the environment, growing their grapes in a sustainable manner and adhering to strict quality certification procedures.

350 wine growers
1 unique terroir
2800 hectare
production area spread over
18 districts
Grappe de raisin
160 000 hectolitres annual production